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Brief Introduction

Godawari is a Municipality in Kailali District in the Seti Zone of western Nepal.This municipality has been situated in the mid-western part of Kailali district. In the 4th of Jestha 2071 four VDCs Malakheti, Shreepur, Geta and Attariya were included into one and declared as according to national rajpatra Attariya Municipality. Later in 28th Falgune 2073 Godawari VDC also was included and it named as Godawari Municipality words 9, 10 and 11 of former Attariya Mulcipaly have been removed from Godawari Municipality. Thus Godawari Municipality has come into its latest existence. It has been a major municipality of province no. 7 of republic Nepal. All this was made under the information of Rajpatra of above date.

Godawari in actual, is believed to be a holy place holding religious importance since early long time.This is a famous pilgrimage spat in for-west.  The spat has been situated on the side of holy Godawaririver, which is the great faith the point of Hindu people. It is believed that in ancient times one of major rishis of Hindus ,Gautam has gone into deep penance and received self-knowledge in this region and in Duaper millennium also Lord Krishna grandfather Bhism along with five pandavas with Dropati during their Forest exile devotion had stayed in this place, had bath in this river and gained knowledge ofpurity heart and mind. In the memory of these great sages there is held a big religious fair on 1stmagh of every year which is known as Godawari MakarMela.

Major trade and commerce center of Godawari Municipality is Attariya Market that is situated in the meeting point of east-west(Mahendar) Highway and Bhimdatta Highway of Territory-7 that is the only highway to link hill areas of this province to the plain Terai part situated on the lap of chure hills. It is just 15 km north form district head quarter of Kailali district, Dhangadhi and , 25 km far north from Nepal boarder Gaurifanta and just 50 km far east from Gaddachauki.The western boarder of the nation with India.

Total population of Godawari Municipality is 72,521, among 34,634 are male and 37,887 are female. Chetree is the dominant caste with 22,682 individual followed by Tharu Ethnic group with 22,077. Brahmin Ranked third with 12,315. Dalits account significant number with population size 10,972 and 3775 are considered as other caste/ethnic group residing in the municipality. The male to female sex-ratio is 91.41. Total 13,745 household are there with household size 5.27.